People of all ages count on you for health care. That’s why you can counton Omron, the leader in quality health carediagnostic products for the medical community. The Omron intellisense digital bloodpressure monitor. Developed to measure blood pressure and pulse rate, simply and accurately, in a ‘soffice, an examination room or at a patient’sbedside.

Your Intellisense digital blood pressuremonitor is equipped with the following components: the blood pressure monitor main unit,cuffs and bladders, AC adapter, 1.3 meter air tube and of course your instruction manual.All of these items may be ordered by contacting Omron. Your Omron blood pressure monitor offers many user friendly features such as the one button operation foreasy control and convenience.

Simply press the start button and asystolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate are automaticallymeasured oscillometrically for optimal accuracy. This blood pressuremonitor offers three measurement modes: Singlemode to measure only once, average mode to measure two or threeconsecutive times automatically and manual mode to measureby using a stethoscope. It is unlikely that you will experienceany measurement inaccuracies. However if you suspect any use the checkmode to confirm

accuracy to a standard mercury manometer. The pressure sensing accuracy of the monitor is validated to be plus or minusthree millimeters of mercury or 2 percent of the standard manometerreading. As participants in numerous al studies Omron understands the science of bloodpressure and has incorporated this knowledge intoa precise easy to use product. Thank you for takingthe time to learn about your Omron intellisense digital blood pressuremonitor.

We’re confident that this knowledge willhelp you better serve your patients with a quality convenient blood pressuremonitor you can count on from a company you can count on, OMRON.

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