KT Tape Tricep

I'm Chris Harper, and with me is Melissa and we're here to demonstrate an application for the tricep, which can be used for any pain or weakness in the tricep muscle. Some causes of this may include overuse, such as attempting to push too much weight, or landing on an outstretched arm, or even muscular imbalance. KT Tape helps support the muscle by assisting function through support, reduction of pressure, and may increase circulation. For this application We're going to place that tricep on stretch, so we're going to bring that arm up.

And over, to place this muscle on stretch. I'm going to remove one strip of tape we're going to tear the paper backing, twist and tear to create an anchor point on the logo end of the tape. So I'm going to place this, beeing careful not to touch the adhesive with my hands, just on the upper part of that tricep. From here what we're going to do is remove the paper backing, leaving a little bit of an anchor. We're going to stretch this tape to twenty five percent, so if this is one hundred.

Percent, we're gonna back that off about halfway, and half way again. I'm going to lay that piece down, and then peel that paper off, that last bit of tape, that anchor has zero stretch on that tape. What I'm going to do from here is give that a good friction rub that creates some heat and some good adhesion through that tape. And from here we can bring that arm back down How does that feel Some tips before applying this technique, clean the skin very well to remove any lotions or skin oils,.

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