Knitting Away Stress and Pain

I'm Gabe Garza with today's health news. Though knitting may be an activity most common among an older generation, new research suggests that the craft may have both therapeutic and health benefits. According to an article published by the New York Times, the Craft Yarn Council has reported that nearly a third of women ages 25 to 35 knit or crochet, as well as many men and schoolchildren. The article claims that the craft offers significant benefits for both body and mind. A notable health benefit, according to the article, can be seen in people.

Advanced Test O Boost Reviews 2014

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Milton Keynes Boot Camp How To Put On Weight Do Long Steady State Cardio

Hi! This is Stephen from iloveweightloss. Today, I'm going to be talking about the second best way to put on body fat. Now, this might seem a little bit funny to a lot of people, but my second tip to put on body fat is to do long steady state cardio or to train aerobically for a long period of time. So, a lot of people have the opinion that the more they do, the better results they're going to get. So they'll do sessions I was just speaking to a lady just this morning who does an hourandahalf sessions in the.

Gym. She trains for an hourandahalf. And I was explaining to her how hormones and things like that take a turn for the worse when you go past sort of 42 minutes.So, really, you shouldn't be training past an hour because what actually happens is a hormone called Cortisol, which is your stress hormone which actually produce fat storage, particularly around your waist, that raises up when you train for a too long period of time or do aerobic type style training for too long. That will actually increase. Now, your body.

Doesn't actually like to have high Cortisol for too long. So what it actually does is to drop it, it will increase a hormone called Insulin. Now, so basically, your body can't have high Cortisol and high Insulin at the same time. It's either one or the other. So to drop the Cortisol, your body will raise its Insulin. So what then happens is by raising your Insulin, you're actually going to get rid of any sugar. It will cause sugar, for simple terms, from your blood. So basically, it will drop your blood sugar. Now, what that.

Then means is your blood sugar drops, and I'm sure a lot of people have had that feeling of low blood sugar where really all you want to do is eat something sugary. So what you'll naturally do is turn to the most sugary thing near you, and that often is poor food quality choices. So you're going to have some sugary foods, which in turn can often be processed foods, which will raise your Cortisol. So you're actually going to what we call an InsulinCortisol seesaw, which actually is a really great way to store fat and actually.

A really great way to store fat around your stomach. So, it makes complete sense when you actually think of it this way. That by doing too long steady state cardio, you're doing something that raises Cortisol. You're actually going to be encouraging your body to store fat, and actually, to lose muscle. So I hope that makes sense and it makes things a little bit more clear that thesecond best way to put on weight and fat is actually to do large amounts of long steady state cardiovascular training. So actually, another quick tip there.

Sleep Apnea and Hypertension Sleep Apnea Thousand Oaks Malibu Westlake Village Ronald Popper

When a patient stops breathing, the oxygen level drops. In an effort to increase oxygen levels, blood vessels constrict, thereby increasing blood pressure and blood flow and oxygen to the brain and the heart. In addition, when a sudden arousal from sleep occurs, there is a release of adrenaline and other mediators that, over time, will narrow and stiffen blood vessels thus leading to high blood pressure. Successfully treating obstructive sleep apnea can reverse these changes and result in lowering the blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure and a sleep disorder such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome,.

2013 Page One Award Winner in Science Brett Askins Harris County High School

A science demonstration project of this winner's design has delighted scores of young children and senior citizens. A science demonstration project of this winner's design has delighted scores of young children and senior citizens. When referring to this experience as it applied to the elderly this winner said the following, They may look old on the outside but they are truly kids at heart. The judges selected Brett Askins of Harris County High School. Brett is a Governor's Honors Program Finalist in Chemistry Honor Graduate with Distinction AP Scholar Georgia Certificate of Merit Recipient President of the Chemistry Team Founder of.

The Science National Honor Society at his school Member of the National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Beta Club, Math Team, and Academic Bowl. In his junior year of high school, Brett began a project called HC Kids to reach out to local students ranging from preschool to 8th grade in order to draw them into the field of science with the use of scientific demonstrations. Brett said, The idea of impressing several hundred elementary school students with a science demonstration seemed quite intimidating however, with the use of liquid nitrogen,.

Dry ice, and various chemical reactions, I not only received the children's wrapped attention but also entertained many of the teachers. Brett's program was so successful that he was asked to take his show on the road to local retirement homes as a way to entertain the elderly. According to Brett, the elderly loved it One retirement home resident said to him, You need to come back more often. This is the only thing fun that happens in this hermit hole! Brett hopes to work in the field of scientific research. Right now he's interested in cortisol levels.

Cortisol is a hormone that, when stimulated, can lead to hypertension, increased weight gain, and strokes. Under the supervision of Columbus State University he has worked on a chemistry research team to discover ways to keep cortisol levels standardized in order to reduce health risks and prolong life. Brett spends many hours working on these research projects, being involved with community service work and outreach programs, all while maintaining outstanding academics. His teacher wrote, Brett is an intelligent, capable, and personable young man who will excel in any endeavor. He is the type of student who is full of positive energy and will take.

What Is Adrenal Fatigue

What is adrenal fatigue and what are some symptoms that you look for Okay, first let me explain what the adrenals are. So the anatomy of the adrenals The adrenals sit on the north pole of the kidneys, in the back, and they release cortisol for longterm stress and epinephrine, or adrenaline, for shortterm stress. When the adrenal glands are producing a lot of cortisol, it's a sensation of being wired and irritable and having insomnia. And then what happens is with the adrenal glands, they get tired, so we then feel like it's hard to concentrate on our work or our.

Everyday tasks, and we want to sleep a lot more. A lot of times, patients come in with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, ADD, and fibromyalgia. So these are symptoms given, but the root cause, we find a lot of times, is from the adrenals, from these symptoms that we just mentioned. I'm going to give an example of the adrenal glands releasing a lot of cortisol and then going into a state of being fatigued. So, when I was in medical school, at the beginning of medical school I was releasing a lot of cortisolstaying up long hours studyingwhat.

Most medical students do. In the middle of medical schoolso my cortisol levels were real highin the middle of medical school, I was still studying but my adrenal glands were starting to decrease the amount of cortisol and I was getting fatigued. And at the end of medical school the cortisol levels were low most of the time when we took it, because I was then in a full state of adrenal fatigue. All it is is an imbalance, you know It's the adrenals being pushed to the limits and then they get tired.

Asthma Symptoms Treatments Cortisol Levels In Children With Asthma Symptoms

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Ask Tana Amen Know Your Numbers

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How Stress And Cortisol Makes You Fat.How stress makes you fat. Stress increases your cortisol levels. Now, cortisol by itself isnt a bad thing. In fact, it is exactly what helps us recover from stressful..

Holy Basil For Weight Loss.Holy basil, Ocimum sanctum, is an ancient herb used in ayurvedic medicine. In India, it is known as tulsi, and is grown for its many perceived health benefits..

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What Is Meditation..

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