Shreya Huilgols Interview on TV with B Channel on Hypertension Awareness

Despite popular belief, children can fall victim to hypertension or blood pressure. It's not just a disease for the elderly High blood pressure in children is a serious medical problem Therefore it is important to generate awareness on this issue This is why Shreya from California has embarked on a project that focuses on raising awarness of hypertension in children For her project, Shreya annually visits various schools in India to conduct workshops to bring hypertension awareness in children and emphasizes the importance of checking blood pressure in children Rotary Club of Kolhapur MidTown has endorsed her endeavor.

In Shreya's opinion, an early detection and treatment of hypertension can avoid future health complications Shreya Huilgol is from San Diego, California Shreya was diagnosed with hypertension when she was 8 years old Fortunately her condition was detected and treated early Checking her blood pressure at an early age saved her from future health complications In the USA, all children get their blood pressure checked during their annual health check ups This is why Shreya's high blood pressure was diagnosed early on She had to undergo a major surgery to overcome this condition, and has fully recovered.

When Shreya used to visit India as a young child she noticed that adults and children were unaware of hypertension To address this issue, she decided to base her Girl Scout Gold Award project from her own experiences with hypertension Shreya contacted the officials of Rotary Club of Kolhapur MidTown to conduct health camps to bring hypertension awarness in school going children Shreya has expressed keen interest to conduct workshops to educate children on high blood pressure. Because of the positive response to this hypertension awareness campaign, Shreya has been conducting seminars for the last two years in India.

Because of her own experience with hypertension, Shreya believes that there is a need to bring awareness to this issue Shreya Huilgol For this cause, Shreya has designed and developed a Step Up 2 Check Up facebook page, and a website called StepUp2CheckUp The pertinent information and literature about hypertension is shared via this website Shreya has been an active member of San Diego, Girl Scouts USA for the past 11 years Her goal is to interact with school children and spread hypertension awareness by emphasizing the importance of checking blood pressure starting at an early age.

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Shreya Huilgol's Interview On TV With B Channel On Hypertension Awareness.Girl Scout Shreya Huilgols Interview on TV with B Channel about Step Up 2 Check Up and Hypertension Awareness in kids. Marathi with English Subtitles..

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