Heart Smart Shopping Grocery Basics from a Nutritionist

Fresh produce is a wonderful source of all kinds of vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytochemicals, all that are very, very protective for our cardiovascular system. They help to lower our blood pressure, our blood cholesterol, our blood sugar, and they really help us to manage our weight, which is a big component of keep of keeping your cardiovascular system healthy. So beans are a great source of soluble fiber, which is the cholesterol lowering form. They are also a great source of protein and can substitute for meat, particularly for those wanting to eat a meatless meal a week or trying.

To follow a vegetarian or a vegan style of eating. Choosing walnuts, flax seeds, canola oil those are wonderful rich sources of plantbased Omega 3 fatty acids that can reduce your risk for heart attack, stroke or sudden death. So fish is an excellent choice for our heart. Its a wonderful source of healthy fats, its high in protein and relatively low in calories there's a wide variety to choose from and the recommendations are to eat fish meals at least twice a week, 34 cooked ounces per serving. People are trying to eat heart healthy, they feel like they can't eat meat or should not.

Eat meat and that's not necessarily the case. Certainly there are cuts of meat that are higher in saturated fat and calories. Portion size is important though. Often meat takes center stage on the plate where we are taking up at least a third or half the plate for our meat portions and we really need to keep it to about 34 cooked ounces which is about the size of a quarter of an average dinner plate. Dairy foods can provide a lot of protection. They offer potassium, calcium, a wonderful source of protein, all of which are very important.

What Happens In Situations Of Hit And Run Accidents In Michigan City, Indiana 219 8744878

Hi. I'm Guy DiMartino an Indiana car accident attorney and author of a Guide to Indiana Car Accident Claims with my oneminute accident tip. Spending this oneminute with me can save you a lot of frustration with your accident claim. Today I would like to discuss why drivers leave the scene of an accident. Maybe it's happened to you or somebody that you love. They were involved in an accident and the other driver just took off. Why do you think the other driver took off Do you think you can you still receive money for your injuries if the other driver took off.

In my experience, the other driver took off for one of three reasons Heshe panicked They don't have insurance or They had something in their system like drugs or alcohol and they don't want to get arrested If the other driver took off and the police or your lawyer cannot find them you may still be able to get money for your injuries if the car that you were driving in has uninsured motorist insurance coverage. In these types of cases, it is probably best to hire a lawyer immediately because the longer you wait the more difficult of a time you.

Why is My Pregnancy Dated from Last Period

Why is my pregnancy dated from last period Because while you may not remember how you got pregnant, you likely remember when you did not need tampons anymore this month. I think I know when I got pregnant. The conception could be a couple of days after the likely day you ovulated. So the day we may have made the kid is only a guesstimate of when the pregnancy started. The date of the last period, in contrast is a certainty. I've heard there are other ways they date pregnancies. They can date a pregnancy approximately based on a physical exam and how big you are, but.

That can vary. Yeah, based on whether I'm eating for two when the baby is a point one, or carrying twins. An ultrasound can set the date of conception rather clearly. I know, they measure the kid crown to rump in the early stages, and the growth is a known curve unless the mom is on so bad a diet the baby is not growing. And the doctor can date the period from the first time you know you're pregnant via the date of last period, without having to break out a sonogram machine.

Doing a sonogram is standard procedure. True, but the date of last period is accurate enough unless you had spotting at the four week mark as a miniperiod and you're a month off. Women can have spotting for other reasons. You'll see some spotting when the embryo implants, though that's rarely mistaken for a period unless you're having a miscarriage. If I had a miscarriage, I would not be pregnant. Another advantage of last monthly period is that it sets a standard measure for dating pregnancies, versus different measures of when you conceived and when you think you.

Ovulated. Not everyone knows when they had the last period, or are not sure because of other types of bleeding. Ultrasounds can measure the size of the gestational sack and give an estimate, but even in that case, they default to the last menstrual period or LMP unless the ultrasound shows the LMP is really off. What would make them really off You were so stressed out that your period skipped, and so you aren't as far along as you thought. Your hormones are so off due to PCOS or a thyroid that you haven't had.

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PICU Calculator Lite,Available for both Android and iOS! splay.googlestoreappsdetailsidcom.itdcs.picucalculatorlite..

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PICU Calculator.Available for both Android and iOS! splay.googlestoreappsdetailsidcom.itdcs.picucalculator..

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