Stopping Blood Pressure Meds May Not Help Cognition

Any medication can cause side effects, and high blood pressure medications are no exception. I'm Shelby Cullinan with your latest health news. Low blood pressure has recently been linked to impaired cognitive function in elderly patients. However, a new study from the Netherlands found that patients who discontinued taking their antihypertensive blood pressure medications did not experience a reversal in mild cognitive impairment. In the study, patients were split into two groups, one of which discontinued taking antihypertensive drugs. Cognitive function, depression, apathy, functional status and quality of life were then monitored for 16 weeks. After that time, no mental differences.

Robo Friend New Robotic System Helps Elderly At Home

0003 COMM Living alone in later life can often be a daunting prospect, but a new initiative is helping to help the elderly live safer and more independent lives. 0014 COMM The GiraffPlus robotic system assists older people in their homes by connecting them with family, friends and healthcare professionals. 0031 COMM Here in Rome, Italy, 94yearold writer and blogger Lea Mina Ralli has been testing the new system, which she calls Mr. Robin. 0041 Lea For quite some time I've been involved in a really great project which plans to develop a lifesaving robot to assist the elderly living.

Alone. 0049 Lea It's designed to help with difficulties or in case of an accident. 0053 Lea The project is called GiraffPlus but I've named it Mr. Robin. 0059 COMM Funded by the European Union, it includes sensors which are placed around the home to aid the user in everyday life. 0106 Gabriella The GiraffPlus project aims to create an integrated system that combines a network of sensors collecting physiological and environmental data with a telepresence robot to favour social interaction. 0117 Gabriella Environmental sensors are based on motion capture. Other sensors monitor the use of household appliances or send a signal.

If a door or window is left open. 0130 COMM The sensors also allow the carers to monitor the patient's wellbeing remotely. 0135 Doctor This enables us to precisely meet the patients needs. 0144 Doctor Good evening Miss Lea, how are you 0147 Lea I'm fine. 0148 Doctor Since you are a computer lover you should pay more attention to your back. 0156 Lea Yes I know you spy on everything I do. 0159 COMM Currently being tested in six homes across Europe, it's hoped the GiraffPlus system will go into commercial production in 2015.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Elder Abuse and Neglect

Paul d'Oliveira attorney from the law firm of d'Oliveira Associates Nursing home abuse or neglect, these are some of the most sad cases that we have seen over the years because there is no excuse. A person puts their elderly mother or father who is 85, 90, 95 years old in a nursing home pays them good money and the nursing home is just more concerned about profit then making sure they have enough staff to take care of these elderly people, it's a pretty sad situation and we can usually settle these cases. If.

You or a loved one has been injured from a nursing home generally the typical case is neglect. They don't have enough staff, they particular don't pay enough attention to an elderly person. One of the most typical cases is a bed sore case, were the person isn't turned over on a periodic base and they get a bed sore. Some of these bed sores can be serious injuries, they could get infected, and they can even case death that is your number one type nursing home case that we have seen. Another case we have seen is severe.

Malnutrition or dehydration, no excuse again for that. We have seen some choking cases, suffocation, another typical type of case are falls. The situation is where an elderly person needs to go to the bathroom and nobody is around and they can't hold it anymore, so they get up on their own to go to the bathroom instead of being assisted by someone and they fall down and sustain a fractured hip or an arm again there is no excuse for that. Prescription errors is another common case there are many types of cases that we have seen and again.

Omron HEM7113 Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Hi all this is Pressia from review price india and today I am going to give you a brief introduction to the Omron HEM 7113 7113 BP monitor but first of all I need to tell you that you can buy this blood pressure monitor right from the link in the description because if you by using that link you get an extra three percent discount which we will reimburse into your bank account so do grab this amazing chance to get an extra discount now to get extra 3 percent discount simply purchase the product from that link.

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Is not very different except for the arm size which is slightly smaller compared to Indian Standards the arm sizeof USA is usually larger and helps if we need to check the blood pressure than oversized man its gives accurate result is I have checked with manual BP monitor and its pulse rate is 100 percent accurate if you want to buy for your personal use so this product is for you because it's easy and simple to use and it also easy to check your previous result nonetheless it's a good product but you have to take it to service center after.

2yrs for maintaining its accuracy marrow she say's I brought this recently from flip card and since then I've been using it on a regular basis it's easy to use and gives accurate and consistent readings very good product at the best price in medical stores the same one is priced 20 to 30 percent more so it's a good deal on Flickr cart the delivery was prompt and it arrived nicely packed thank you flip card for a great service because say's that product is nice after using for months now.

It is keep checking my BP till date I have tried other BP monitors to check its accuracy and believe me it's near perfect I don't know how flipcard does that but they delivered this product well below time line I would recommend this website to everyone this is the best ecommerce site in India by this BP monitor right from the link in the description because if you by using that link you get an extra three percent discount which we will reimburse into your bank account so do grab this amazing chance to get an extra discount.

How to Take Blood Pressure Tips for Taking Blood Pressure

So important tips for taking blood pressure, before you actually take the blood pressure. One, you should be seated and relaxed for about fifteen minutes before you actually take it. You should not have consumed alcohol or coffee for two hours before taking a blood pressure. You shouldn't have smoked fifteen minutes before taking a blood pressure. All those thing effect the arterial resistance, and therefore will have an artificial elevation or for most part will be elevated beyond what it should be. The other thing is cuff size, be sure the cuff before is fitted for a normal person. If you have small arms or large arms.

You'll have a falsely elevated or reduced blood pressure. So if the cuff is too large for your arm, you'll have a lower blood pressure than you should. And if it's too small, you'll have a higher blood pressure than you should. So the cuff should be about eighty percent of the circumference of your arm, around eighty percent it doesn't have to be exact. Other important tip is your posture, should be sited up straight that's not as important. The main this is your elbow should be relaxed, so when you take your blood pressure you want to have.

Ask The Expert My Elderly Parent Refuses To Take His Medication What Can I Do

Ask the Expert comes to you by me, Rhonda Caudell, Elderly Parent Care Coach and owner of Endless Legacy. For you to ask your most burning question, go to Endless Legacy and subscribe to our newsletter Care Coach Insider News and submit your question that you can get answered right here on Ask the Expert. Todays question My Dad is on several medications for high blood pressure, memory loss and arthritis. He used to be very willing to take his pills as long as we set them in a pill box. Now.

He wont take them, but wont tell us what the problem is either. Since you relate your Dad is on medication for memory loss, one has to consider if the reason for not taking the medications now may be related to some kind of progressing dementia. Dementia could cause one to become confused about many things that once was routine. It would be best for the family to consult with your Dads physician as to this new development, and determine how long it has been going on, all medications prescribed, any other new.

Tai Chi Qigong Exercises Benefits of 24 Yang Style Tai Chi

Hi. In this episode I'm going to show you some of the components of 24 Yang style Tai Chi. It's and important aspect of exercise therapy in traditional Chinese medicine. It's also known as a martial art and has many health benefits. It can help reducing falls in the elderly. I find that it increases my eyehand coordination immensely, and I've seen wonderful cases where it's been beneficial in lowering blood pressure and helping with stress for a number of people. It's often times known as moving meditation. So, the first couple.

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109 The Pathophysiology Of Hypertension

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