Jerry Seinfeld George Stephanopoulos talk Transcendental Meditation on Good Morning America

George Stephanopoulos I'm here with Jerry Seinfeld, and also another special guest here, Bob Roth, executive director of the David Lynch Foundation. And we're all here because we all have something in common, we all practice Transcendental Meditation, which I didn't know about until I learned it from you, and you taught me how to do it after Jerry introduced it, and I think people don't really understand exactly what it is and what a difference it's made in people's lives. You've been doing it I've been doing it 40 years, this year,.

40 years of TM. Now you just started doing in two years, I'm in my second year. and you have this insane job, right Which you learned all about this morning Yeah, where you have to get up at like 9 at night to get here and it makes all the difference! It makes a difference. It makes a huge difference. But it's very hard to explain. You know how I was describing it to somebody I was saying, It's like having.You know how your phone has a charger It's liking if you had a charger for you whole body and.

Mind, that's what TM is. And you said something very important to me when we first started, because it was one of the questions I had, you said, This is not a religion, it's a technique. It's compatible with all kinds of religions. What it really does is try to get the stress out of your life and now scientists are finding real life benefits. Well the whole idea is that we have very active, noisy levels of the mind, that we sort of gotta go here, gotta do this, gotta do that, but every human being has deep within a settled,.

Calm, silent level of their mind. And this, Transcendental Meditation, is just an effortless way to have the active excited mind settle down, experience that inner calm, at the same time the body gains a very deep state of rest, that rest eliminates stress, you have more energy, wakes up the brain, and you guys can do your jobs. Right and the American Heart Association actually says it works. The American Heart Association just came out with a study a month ago that showed that Transcendental Meditation is highly effective for reducing.

High blood pressure, for reducing risk of stroke, and actually reducing mortality rates by almost 50 by people who have been meditating for 5 years. And they find that hosting morning television does the opposite of all of those things. It counteracts I'm just keeping it balanced.neutralizing it. That's really very reassuring Jerry, thanks. Yeah, you're welcome. You're also doing some very I'm gonna move over right now to some very exciting work you guys are doing, because it's not just it's can help anybody, but you guys are.

Going into schools right now, helping atrisk kids, helping soldiers coming back from Iraq, Afghanistan, who are suffering from posttraumatic stress, also women who've been the victims of violence. Well, I mean, for example, the Department of Defense just provided a 2 million dollar grant to study the effects of Transcendental Meditation on PostTraumatic Stress Disorder. The fact is, as Forbes Magazine said, stress is the black plague of the 21st century. It's an ugly thing, it can't be prevented, it can't be cured by conventional means, and now this technique, this particular meditation technique has been shown to be highly effective in eliminating.

PostTraumatic Stress Disorder, and so it's being used in schools where kids have, or young children in the urban centers, have the same symptoms of PTSD that soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. It's interesting that something so ancient and traditional, and not a religion, and not a philosophy, and not a change in lifestyle, anyone can do it, but that something that simple can have such a profound impact on very modern ailments. And we're seeing, as you say, the government get involved and really try to promote it, and really multiple the good and the difference that can come from it all.

Hydrochlorothiazide For High Blood Pressure and Fluid Retention Overview

Hydrochlorothiazide is a prescription medication used to treat high blood pressure and fluid retention. Hydrochlorothiazide belongs to a group of drugs called diuretics, also known as water pills. These help the body get rid of excess fluid. This medication comes in tablet and capsule forms. Hydrochlorothiazide is usually taken once in the morning, with or without food. Common side effects of hydrochlorothiazide include frequent urination, weakness, and dizziness. Do not drive or operate machinery until you know how hydrochlorothiazide will affect you. Take this medication only if it is prescribed for you by health care provider.

The Pros and Cons of Caffeine

Your brain is made tired by the neurotransmitter adenosine working as an inhibitor when it binds to an adenosine receptor. But caffeine will also bind to these receptors by preventing you from becoming tired. This will cause an increase in neuron firing which the pituitary gland responds to by causing adrenal glands to produce adrenaline, causing you to be awake and alert with that amazing boost of energy in the morning or late in the day. And while the effects seem helpful, a lack of moderation can come with some harmful side effects. You can develop.

Insomnia, higher blood pressure, indigestion, headaches, more forceful heart contractions, anxiety depression, and will have a greater risk of bone fractures. As you can see, caffeine has many cons. There are also many pros of caffeine if you use it right. As most morning coffee drinkers know, caffeine gives you alertness, attention, and concentration. It helps to have caffeine when you have a night shift or when you didn't get enough sleep. Most pain relievers have very small amounts of caffeine in them to relieve vascular headaches although too much caffeine can make your headache worse.

Drinking coffee throughout your life reduces your risk of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's because it improves memory performance. A moderate amount of caffeine is about 200300 mg a day, which is around three cups of coffee a day if you want to gain the benefits of caffeine and not the bad side effects. You may want to limit coffee or give it up completely if you have sleep problems, high blood pressure, or chronic headaches. Caffeine can give you many health problems if you consume it too much but it can furthermore help you stay alert if you consume just the right amount.

Secrets to Longevity Human Longevity Secrets Reduce Stress

If you want to live a long and healthy life, one thing that will really help you is to reduce stress. Chronic stress has been found, in numerous studies, to contribute to a wide range of illnesses and conditions, including anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, heart irregularities, and recently it's also been linked to heart attacks and heart disease. So, and, and actually, it probably can probably effect a lot of other diseases and conditions as well, but studies just haven't gotten to it quite yet. But what scientists and researchers are pretty clear about at this point is that chronic.

Stress just kind of has an overall negative effect on your physical health in a variety of different ways. One thing that you can do to combat the negative effects of stress is to learn breathing techniques. That's been found to be very helpful for a lot of people. Basically, if you feel like you're chronically stressed out, and you're feeling that stress level, to.kind'll take the.chronic stress a lot of times, what it does is, it raises that fight or flight syndrome response in your body. So to kind kind of stop.

That and reset your body is to breathe slowly, because that kind of takes your body out of the fight or flight mode, which is to breathe shallow, frequent breaths. Just breathe slowly, hold for four seconds, and breathe slowly out. It's incredible if you do that several times throughout the day when you start to feel your stress level rising, for a few minutes, it can actually make quite a significant impact on your stress level. So, I'd recommend trying that, if you feel like you're that personality type that's chronically stressed out.

032114 Reverse White Coat Hypertension After Police Torture

When I go to the doctor's office, my blood pressure tends to go off the charts, they refer to this as white coat hypertension , where the anxiety of being in a medical environment can spike the BP significantly. Here's the F'd up part, my blood pressure at the doctor's yesterday was 13080, not too shabby! It's higher at home. Being repeatedly and endlessly tortured by the Palatine Village Police and Fire Department and 911 bullies inflicted constant emotional and physiological distress, resulting in permanent disfigurement and pain. Let me summarize it for you here. I can deal with mental stress, I'll work that off by.

Chiropractor Holland MI area NUCCA and High Blood Pressure 616 7229255

A question I feel people should be asking when they come in is I know that chiropractic can deal with pain. What can chiropractic do to help my blood pressure. Specifically, what can NUCCA Chiropractic do to help There was a study that NUCCA performed along with the Hypertension Clinic in Chicago that was published in the Journal of Hypertension. That study showed that a misalignment in the upper cervical area of the spine in people that had high blood pressure once corrected with the NUCCA adjustment lowered their blood pressure by an average of 14 points to 25 participants versus 25 that didn't. That is.

How to Treat Major Depressive Disorder Anxiety Symptoms and Exercises

Normal tension associated with every day sports is inevitable. But, if anxiety takes over your lifestyles, you must take control of it. Happily, there are masses of methods to cope with tension and its results. The statistics in this Tutorial can help you learn to address your anxiety and make it a thing of the past. Meditate in the morning. Every morning, take fifteen mins for your self. Find a comfortable chair and near your eyes. Try to concentrate on a calming image, inclusive of a peaceful scene, or the face of a cherished one. If intrusive thoughts.

Start to input your head, repeat a mantra time and again, such as i am secure. Social interplay is a need to for humans in order to survive. You will die slowly without any social interaction. It's also a massive assist when it comes to managing tension. Attempt speakme to someone, and perhaps, that person can assist talk you thru your anxiety by way of supporting you kind things out. Make daily dreams for yourself. By means of having a every day goal, you can set your recognition on that instead of tension. When you focus, you maintain your mind busy as.

Well as hold out terrible mind from harming your brain. It is vital which you devour a balanced and healthful weightreduction plan, and it's miles a good deal greater essential while you are coping with anxiety. Keep away from junk ingredients because the sugar or caffeine in them will give you a high, followed by way of a crash. Staying active with exercising of a few kind will assist to burn off power that your frame could positioned to use to feed your tension. Get out for a walk, take a swim or take in aerobics or yoga for nice physical activity. Anything on the way to.

How to lose weight and detoxify with 5 ingredients daily!

Hello every body and welcome back to my channel! It is morning time over here and I was thinking since last time I did a tutorial about something that we all should do every once in a while, i thought I will go ahead today and make a tutorial about something that I do every morning!.for myself. So, I started my mornings with oil pulling, and then I do a little bit of facial routine for my skin and I move on to making this healthy drink which is made up of all kinds of natural ingredients. It is SO good for you!.

This drink is known to help you with weight loss as well as detoxify your body and it has over all many health benefits. So let me show you how I make it. The first ingredient I add to this drink is the raw, organic, unpasteurized and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. Make sure it has the mother in it. It's suppose to look a little bit cloudy or muggy with some sort of residue on the bottom. That's the kind that works best for this drink. Make sure to shake it well.

Before you use it. To boost my immune system and improve my blood circulation, I will add to this some cayenne pepper. I recommend using the organic cayenne kind but I don't have one, so I will be using this today. the next I'm going to add here is the warming spice Cinnamon! Again, use the organic cinnamon powder if you can. I'm just using what I have at the moment. This ingredient here is not only rich in vitamins and minerals but it also adds some sweetness to the drink.

I make sure to use organic Maple Syrup. I prefer vegan ingredients but you can also add some raw organic honey to this. The last but not the least is Lemon. I squeeze some lemon juice from fresh lemons for this drink. Remember that the more pure and organic your ingredients are, the more benefits you will receive from this drink. I usually add these 5 ingredients to 2 big glasses of water and drink it 30 minutes before breakfast, with a straw to protect my teeth enamel. In the cold winters.

However, I prefer it with some warm, green tea. The green tea I am using today has 100 natural ingredients like, spearmint, lemongrass and peppermint. So here it is.My most important drink of the day! Please make sure to check the description box below for the measurements and benefits of the ingredients in this recipe. while this drink helps you lose weight, it is also important to understand that it is not a miracle worker. It's a process and to speed up this process some exercise and healthy food habits are a must! I hope you will try this recipe and let me know.

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