How To Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home

Voiceover Taking your blood pressure at home can help you control your levels, and is simple to do. You should take readings at the same time each day, such as, before you take your medications in the morning, and before bedtime at night. Don't smoke, drink coffee, or exercise for at least 30 minutes before measuring. Sit comfortably in a chair with you back supported. And rest quietly for five minutes. Keep you feet flat on the floor. Don't cross your legs. Using a table or desk, support your arm in front of you.

At about the level of your heart. Wrap the cuff snugly around your upper arm, just above the crease in your elbow and inflate the cuff. Take two or three readings about a minute apart at each session. Record all your readings along with the date and time of day. And bring this log with you to your next health care appointment. I can see you were quite high when we first started here, about 150 and then Voiceover Measuring your blood pressure each day will give your healthcare provider a clear picture.

Of your blood pressure in your everyday life. Doctor I can see that you're very well controlled. Voiceover Your medications may need to be adjusted to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The American Heart Association does not recommend any particular brand of blood pressure monitor, but there are some things to look for when you shop for a unit. Consider only those with an inflatable cuff that wraps around your upper arm. If your upper arm is larger than average, you may need a bigger cuff. Wrist monitors are not as accurate as cuff monitors.

HandsOnly CPR Demo Tutorial

If you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse it's important to act fast. Helping to save a life is easier than you might think, just start handsonly CPR. The first step is to send someone to call 911 or call 911 yourself. 911 operator's voice I'll stay on the phone with you until help arrives Then get directly over the victim, put the heel of one hand in the center of the chest, then put your other hand on top of the first. 911 opearator's voice I need you to do it this fast. 1, 2, 3.

Blood Pressure screenings at Go Red MOA event

734, enjoy free stuff and learn how to live healthy. Sounds like a great combo, right If it does, then Go Red for Women today at the Mall of America, and Todd Walker's out there live, finding out about all of today's events. We've done some handsonly CPR. What else we got going, Todd We are going to do blood pressure, Tom. You know in the past I've had some good years, some bad years. We remember. laughing Yeah, I think I'm going to be doing okay today.

You guys, right here you're seeing some of the designs that were done by the Art Institute International. You're over here prepping, do you have a favorite Voiceover Ooh, I don't know if I should say. Todd Oh, because they're your students. We'll let Karen be one of the judges. Karen Asruss is doing a quick pan. Maybe you can select one of your favorites. This is all part of the backdrop of this great event that's going to be going on out here today. And I'm here with Elizabeth, our good friend.

From the American Heart Association. Elizabeth, you guys come here year after year. Tell us why it's so important that people come out here for their screening. Well, heart disease is still the number one killer of both men and women in this country. And it's preventable. 80 of heart disease is preventable if you just take the proper actions to live healthy. And so that's what today's about, is giving people that information. And we've got lots of activities from CPR training to blood pressure screening, healthy cooking demos, exercising for the whole family.

All right, do you know what your numbers are for your blood pressure Yes, I do. You want to share it to the world Sure, they're usually about 117 over 60. Let's see how I do. All right, so as I'm getting ready over here, this is our dancing couple, if you remember from a little bit earlier. All right, so let's put this on. Now you have to tell me what are you looking for and what are the numbers I'm looking for Well, we're looking for 120 over 80 is the normal.

Blood pressure that we have. So, it's 120 is systolic blood pressure, and 80 is diastolic. All right, I know you have to listen, so John, come on over here. So, your dancing career obviously is not going to work out, and your singing career. So, you're in pharmacy school right now. That's correct, I'm a third year pharmacy student. Okay, so let's say this is a little higher than I want it to be, Pharmacist John. What would be your suggestions for me Well, the first thing you can usually do.

Is actually lifestyle, getting out and getting some exercise you know, 30 minutes of lowimpact walking or jogging. And about four times a week. Cutting salt out of your diet. See, now I'm a salt fan, John. So I'm getting in the exercise, but you know, I like to salt that popcorn, and I like to salt that food a little bit. You're telling me get that out of my diet Okay, so we're losing audio there a little bit, so do you have me back All right, so what are my numbers.

122 over 72. 122 over 72, am I okay You're a little high with systolic, but... I'm a little high, I'm not liking that. All right guys, 122 over 72, come on I'm not that bad. All right, Tom, Karen, do you guys know what your numbers are No, but Karen and I are having a little argument. 122 sounded pretty good, it's just two over. But it's supposed to be 120, he's going high. But he's on TV, there's a certain amount of stress there,.

Doesn't that count for something Yeah, Todd's really stressed. Is that that bad No, that's actually very good, very good numbers. I think I'm going to go to Dr. John, it's not that bad. I think you're going to be all right. All right, okay guys we're going to be back here. More fashions and food, fashion and food in the next two segments. And we're glad to hear you're in good health. I am too. I bet you are, thanks Todd.

British Heart Foundation Vinnie Jones hard and fast Handsonly CPR

My name is Vinnie Jones and I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget There are times in life when being tough comes in handy. Say some geezer collapses in front of you. What do you do We need a volunteer that ain't breathing. Here's one I made earlier. First thing you do is you check him over. If he ain't responsive or he ain't breathing or he's making noises like this. SOUND serious weezing then his heart has stopped working and he's having a cardiac arrest. Look lively. First, call 999.

Then you do Handsonly CPR. And no kissing. You only kiss your missus on the lips. Watch. Lock your fingers together, knuckles up. Then push down. Right on the sovereign. MUSIC whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother you're stayin' alive, stayin' alive MUSIC Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin' and we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive Push down five or six centimetres. That's about two inches in old money. MUSIC ah ah ah ah stayin' alive, stayin' alive Push hard and fast about two times a second, like to the beat of Stayin' Alive.

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