How to Use Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Hello, Today I will be showing you the wrist blood pressure monitor, brought to you by Easy @ Home. This monitor features your blood pressure measurement, your pulse rate measurement, and the result storage, which stores up to 60 previous measurement. But measurements may be inaccurate if taken in the following circumstances: within 1 hour after dinner or drinking, immediate measurement after tea, coffee, or smoking, within 20 minutes after taking a bath, when talking or moving your fingers, or in a very cold environment. It is best to take the measurement 35 minutes after resting. When first using the unit or changing the batteries try taking 2 or 3 readings to get an average measurement. First remove.

All accessories from your left wrist, if you know you have poor circulation in your left wrist, I would advise using your right one. Then your going to apply the cuff to your wrist, with your palm facing up and position the edge of the cuff about 1 to 1.5 cm below the base of your wrist. You can use your finger as a guideline. Make sure you leave no room between the cuff and your skin. It is very important to position the blood pressure wrist monitor at the level of your heart to get the most accurate reading. Heres a tip: try bending your elbow so the display can be parallel to your heart. The unit can be closer to your chest but does not have to be pressing on the chest. Proceed by pressing the startstop.

Button to turn on the monitor and it will begin getting your reading. As you can see here the blood pressure monitor will begin inflating and measuring, the heart that is being displayed represents your heart beat. If you see this hand symbol, it means there is a movement error and you should stabilize your arm for a more accurate reading. If you see this particular heart symbol it means you have an irregular heartbeat. You will then see the results displayed on the LCD screen. On the left side of the monitor there is an arrow which represents your blood pressure classification and it is broken down into 5 categories. On the bottom left, there is a date and time which can be adjusted from.

The settings. After you receive your result, you can press the startstop button to turn off the monitor otherwise it will shut off within 1 minute. Also if you would like to look at your previous measurements when the monitor is off, press the mem button to view your latest records. If you press the mem button again, it will display the other latest measurements. You can also press the set button to navigate through your measurements. Remember to like our page, and subscribe to other Easy @ Home’s Tutorials and check out our website at healthcaremanager for more great products. Thanks for watching!.

Choosing the Right Blood Pressure Monitor for You

Choosing the right home blood pressure monitor can be daunting. Keep these tips in mind and it will be easy to find a monitor that fits your lifestyle. Accuracy Matters. Look for a monitor that has been tested and validated for accuracy. This should be clearly noted on the packaging. Arm Size Matters. Before purchasing a home monitor, it’s important to determine what size cuff you need. To determine your upper arm size, use a cloth measuring tape.

And measure the circumference of your upper arm – midway between your elbow and shoulder. Omron upper arm monitors include a cuff that fits standard to large sized arms 9 to 17 inches in circumference. For those who prefer portability or find a traditional upper arm cuff uncomfortable, a wrist model is another option. Omron wrist models have the same accurate technology and al validation as Omron upper arm units. Features Matter Omron offers a variety of options to choose from.

And all meet the highest standards of precision and reliability, no matter what the price or number of features. Simple onetouch monitors are great for just grabbing a quick reading when you need it. Multiuser monitors are good if you want to share the unit with another family member. Wireless monitors allow you to view or share your readings anywhere or anytime on your smartphone. Choosing the right blood pressure monitor matters. Rest assured when you trust your heart to Omron, you’ll be empowered by accuracy.

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